Sunday, 16 October 2011

Riding With the Storm Clouds- Conceptualisation

Research and investigations into Migraine Disease informed the design methodologies of this collection. The migraineur lives in a constant cycle of control leading into chaos. Visual disturbances and mental distortions are experienced. Time is lost and not replaced. And following an attack the migraineur must reenter society and pick up where they left off. 
This collection suggests the importance of relinquishing control. 
The 'origami' fabric folding technique is a result of treating the fabric like the migraineur. Removing sections, distorting the structural plane- then flattening the fabric, attempting to return it to it’s original form. This technique has then been used in various proportions and applications throughout the collection- Some uniform and some chaotic. 
Some garments have the functional ability to disassemble and be worn as individual layers. --- The migraineur may regain a degree of choice and control, be that only temporarily. 

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