Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A bit of a Q and A with me about the industry

1. You feel fashion is going too fast, can you expand on this and your feelings towards the industry at present...

I’m new to the industry but the incredible pace was immediately evident to me. I make 2 collections a year. Some other designers can create 6 or more. Mega retailers such as Zara restock every week. They have such a Fast supply chain that they can rip a trend from a celebrity’s back and onto the rack in 2 weeks.

The past few years we have made leaps and bounds in sustainable awareness and practice. It’s really starting to become commonplace and accepted. We frown at the person at the checkout asking for a plastic bag and we brag to our friends when our t-shirt is organic. So why hasn’t this awareness slowed down consumption of Fashion? To me it feels like it’s just going faster and faster. Why haven’t we realized that we actually don’t need this much stuff? It’s us ‘the consumers’ driving this, we ask, they give. Of course there are exceptions but this really needs to seep into the mainstream to make a huge difference. Maybe we have become too trend crazed?

2. What is your vision for the industry...

My vision for the industry is a customer with a renewed relationship with their garments and a shift in their expectation of a fashion product. I want them to understand what quality is and what it feels like. For them to expect longevity of a garment and not just say ‘Oh well it only cost me $20’ when their poly blend top warps and fades, and they throw it out after a few washes.
I really am optimistic about the industry though. We’ve been there before and with a bit of re-education we can get back there. If we the consumers start demanding quality and longevity from our garments the rest will follow. Yes, we will spend more per garment but because it is better quality it will last longer and guess what- it will probably work out cheaper in the end.

3.  What are you doing / creating to make change?...

I make small collections with a percentage made up of trans seasonal pieces that can be worn year round. These are often transformable pieces that have functionalities such as removable layers for acclimatization. Other garments might have sections that can be removed or reconfigured to change the aesthetic, so we can wear it more and ultimately buy less. I really believe that functionality must be addressed in a sustainably considered garment.

It doesn’t matter if a garment is made from the highest-grade organic materials and produced in the most ethical manner. If a garment sits idle and unused in a wardrobe, then all the resources used to create it were for nothing. It’s just wasteful.  

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